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Are you tired of feeling lethargic and being unable to think clearly? Are you sick of being sick all the time? Do you hate taking medications with side effects worse than the symptoms they are supposed to treat? Are you ready to make a change?

Are you not sure if you are eating right despite following all the latest diet hype in the media? Are you still not where you want to be physically? Are you tired of feeling like you just can’t keep up anymore?

If any of this sounds like you, keep reading....

Poor health has numerous negative consequences, including lack of energy, high medical costs, chronic diseases, social isolation and depression.

I’ve had patients tell me that because of difficulties breathing or chronic pain they can’t play with their grandkids or travel. They are no longer able to do what they thought they would do in retirement. Some even say that their children are embarrassed by their appearance. They feel constantly tired, so they come home and plop in front of the TV. They don’t feel like being intimate, so their relationship with their spouse often suffers, too. Does this sound familiar?

Most of the patients I treated in my practice were overweight, chronically fatigued and suffering from pain. They were under physical and mental stress that took the joy out of life. Many were frustrated and even depressed about their lack of mobility and felt like they couldn’t do the things that they wanted to do in life.

Of course, all these problems also led to frequent doctors visits, more prescriptions, and even hospitalizations or surgeries. The costs for all of these things add up to an enormous sum each year. In fact, out of control medical expenses are one of the top reasons individuals file for bankruptcy. Is this a reality for you or someone you love?

Cardiac bypass grafts, amputation of limbs due to diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, premature death…. All are scary results of living with poor health habits. Health has a huge impact on us physically, mentally, relationally and financially.

Poor health has complications beyond just the effects these diseases and illnesses have on our bodies. It impacts all aspects of our lives - and can ruin our quality of life. But, it is seldom too late to make a change. I can help.

I’m Dr. Christopher Burton and I am an avid proponent of living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy helping people like you to have the best physical and mental health you possibly can so that you don’t have to suffer through any of the frustrating and painful experiences we just talked about ever again. That is why I developed my 6 Keys to Total Wellness program: to give you the freedom to overcome your roadblocks to good health.

Which of These Powerful Benefits Do You Want in Your Life?

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Look younger and healthier
  • Live longer
  • Lose weight and maintain an ideal body weight
  • Decreased use of medications
  • Slow or reverse some diseases
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Gain respect and admiration from others
  • Enjoy a better quality of life
  • Much, much more…

This mini-course is a series of videos that will give you a introduction to the 6 Keys to Total Wellness philosophy. You will learn principles you can apply right now - and start seeing the results of simple lifestyle changes on your overall health and quality of life.

Why would I give this away for free? I want you to start seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle right away. All I ask in return is for your feedback. Let me know how it worked for you and what results you see in your life.

Register now to get immediate access to the introductory video where you will learn more about me and why I started the 6 Keys to Total Wellness program. After that you will get additional videos on each of the 6 Keys in this mini-course. Each one will contain at least one simple, actionable step that you can take right now to have a healthier lifestyle.

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